NGOs receive donations and donors do not know exactly how they spend their money, generating distrust in the management of the managed assets.


Provide full traceability of the income and expense transactions of the NGO in charge of the "Functional Habits at School" Project, through a DAO, which synchronizes, together with the Organization's bank accounts, the allocation of monetary resources from Cryptocurrency to Currency FIAT and vice versa, on the Blockchain.



Third generation cryptocurrencies are, as their name suggests, a new generation of cryptocurrencies that seek to maintain the advantages of their predecessors while trying to combat some of their main handicaps.

There are four fronts on which third-generation cryptocurrencies are focusing: speed, scalability, sustainability and interoperability.

This was achieved by the possibility of creating Smart Contracts, which have given rise to new tokens and decentralized applications (dapp).



In the "DAO for Fundraising" Project we will use the 3rd Generation Cryptocurrency called "Cardano", due to the technical possibility of unlimited scalability, fast and economical transactions, along with low electricity consumption compared to other Cryptocurrencies.

The mission is the best thing that Cardano has, because it seeks social impact with its projects.



The donor can direct their donation to the NGO Campaign in which they want to collaborate, through the blockchain system, achieving a transparent and reliable experience. No hidden costs. Everything in sight.

The problems that NGOs solve are in the real world and have to be financed with FIAT money. The DAO works with second generation Cryptocurrencies (in our project with Cardano), so we have to develop a solution that interacts between both monetary systems at an international level, El Salvador being the perfect place to start the Project, protected by the Ley de Emisión de Activos Digitales (Digital Asset Issuance Law), giving the possibility that the entire donation and spending operation will be in Cryptocurrencies in an initial stage.



A high-performance team must be created to work on the execution and start-up of the project, with headquarters and legal status in El Salvador, with a global vision for fundraising and working hand to hand in financing the "Functional Habits at School" Program at the national level.

The main idea is to be able to allow donors to track where their donations go using the blockchain. We do this by creating a smart contract, using the Cardano network, that can help each donor track where the tokens it has donated to the donor Project of the aforementioned Program go.



Structuring the "Fundraising-DAO" Project

Create a "DAO for Fundraising", which allows accounting to be audited in real time, through the blockchain. That is, the donor will have the possibility to see how much they earn and how the donations are spent.



Within the DAO the "smart contracts" operate with Cryptocurrencies (in this case Cardano); But at an international level, in order to pay invoices outside the DAO, which finance the Project that is the object of the Fundraising, dollars, euros or another FIAT Currency is required in the bank account of the Organization that is the object of the donation.



For legal reasons and due to the need to have a Cryptocurrency to FIAT Currency exchange/API, the Project will have to be carried out in El Salvador, associating or contracting services from Cryptocurrency exchange companies, which allow easy access to the Cardano acquisition for donations arriving from abroad.



The first stage will be in El Salvador on an experimental level, limiting the operation to the use of Cryptocurrencies (Cardano), without the need for the "exchange" to move to FIAT Currency, which will be necessary in a future stage of international expansion.



Once the DAO is created and optimized, the business can be scaled by offering the solution to other non-governmental organizations, as a turnkey DAO service for customized Fundraising.

Because the monitoring and reporting of finances within organizations is done automatically, it gives security to the donor, and considering that the largest donors are Foundations or International Organizations (World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, etc.), the model can be scalable to numerous projects to be funded, so the public can finally know where the donated money goes and adds a new dimension of ease of donation through Cryptocurrencies.



We will use a service to easily convert FIAT Currency to Cryptocurrency, such as Simplex or Wyre, so that donors can purchase Fundraising DAO tokens. Once the tokens have been purchased, donors will be able to access a web platform where they will be able to monitor what percentage of the donations are allocated to certain causes.

Additionally, on this same platform there will be chats and meetings to discuss and share the details of the Project, for a certain period of time in which donors can decide to support with more purchases of tokens or withdraw their financing. 


F12 Cardano Use Cases: CONCEPT



  • The main idea is to be able to allow donors to track where their donations go using the Cardano´s Blockchain.


  • Organizations have no transparency on accounting and do not exist any solution to audit what the NGOs do with the money you donated. So moving all the accounting to the blockchain and showing it in real time, will generate confidence from donors, increasing the demand of donations.


  • FINGO is the bridge between donors and confirmed entities that approved a participation protocol that certifies it´s an Organization that promotes Child Development from Prevention.


  • The impact of FINGO will be demonstrated on the actions of NGOs financed with complete traceability, been auditables en tiempo real por los donantes, across the Cardano´s Blockchain.


  • Proves the effectiveness of the Cardano Blockchain in real-life applications.
  • Attract new sponsors and promote the Cardano Ecosystem.
  • Drive innovation in Fundraising, enhancing interaction between projects and donors.
  • FINGO has the potential to bring true value with the capital provided by the Cardano treasury.
  • The ability for donors to monitor their contributions on the blockchain may improve Cardano standing as a platform for blockchain applications that promote social impact projects.
  • Fostering demand for ADA and providing accessible information through the blockchain activity.


  • Showing how the system gives the funds to real projects that the donor selected.
  • Escalating the project with more future financiers, who pay the expansion to other levels.


  • By a complete social nets report of each situation or expense, emulating FINGO in its own management of the project.
  • And producing meetings on Youtube LIVE with the FINGO Team being questioned by the Cardano users.



Month 0 to 1

  • Concept development and detailed planning.
  • Finalize the business plan for the conceptualization stage and future possibilities for the development of the final product (include the specific roles of each team member and the hiring needs of permanent or temporary staff)
  • Facundo will travel from Buenos Aires to El Salvador under his charge to establish the Company.
  • ZOOM + Twitch + YouTube event to report and debate the results of the completed stage.



Month 1 to 4

  • Hire a programmer who masters the PLUTUS language (Cristhian Tejada has worked with professionals who could fill this role)
  • Write smart contracts to have optimal tokens for the donation process.
  • The token must obey the criteria and objectives of the donor entity and that these coincide with the criteria and objectives of the donor.
  • ZOOM + Twitch + YouTube event to report and debate the results of the completed stage.



Month 4 to 6

  • Start creating movement in the DAO with self-donations and monitor that the destination of the resources are assigned as votation made by the donors.
  • Internal verification of the optimal functioning of the programming code, that results in a technical report by Cristhian Tejada and the designated Programmer.
  • ZOOM + Twitch + YouTube event to report and debate the results of the completed stage.



Month 6 to 7

  • Through online marketing and public relations actions, invite members of the Global Crypto Ecosystem to test the system by making micro-donations and give them the opportunity to test the optimal functioning of the smart contracts.
  • Establish a commission for the system of 5% of donations, which allows FINGO to be economically viable and have institutional independence.
  • ZOOM + Twitch + YouTube event to report and debate the results of the completed stage.



Month 7 to 9

  • Through in-person and online conferences, present the conceptual project at meetings for entities external to the crypto ecosystem in Mexico City, Buenos Aires and San Salvador, inviting them to test the system in beta phase to optimize according to market requirements, and have the chance to meeting the crypto professionals.
  • CDMX: It will be an in-person event broadcast live on Zoom + Twitch + YouTube with guests from the crypto ecosystem and philanthropy, where we will present the project and invite professionals from both worlds (crypto + philanthropy) to participate and networking.
  • BAIRES: It will be an in-person event broadcast live on Zoom + Twitch + YouTube with guests from the crypto ecosystem and philanthropy, where we will present the project and invite professionals from both worlds (crypto + philanthropy) to participate and networking.
  • EL ZONTE: It will be an in-person event broadcast live on Zoom + Twitch + YouTube with guests from the crypto ecosystem and philanthropy, where we will present the project and invite professionals from both worlds (crypto + philanthropy) to participate and networking.
  • ZOOM + Twitch + YouTube event to report and debate the results of the completed stage.



Month 9 to 10

  • With the concept optimized to go to the product stage to raise funds for NGOs, launch the project to begin operating in the market with the working capital generated in the previous stages, plus the raising of new funds from Ideascale and other interested organizations and entities.
  • Raising funds through established Crowdfunding platforms for the promotion of FINGO's functional prototype.
  • Project ready to present at F14 in 2025 of Cardano Use Cases: product.
  • ZOOM + Twitch + YouTube event to report and debate the results of the completed stage.




  • Facundo Couto in Strategy and Public Relations. Responsible for Human Capital Management.

He's the Mentor of the entire project, who connects all the components in the mix. He will invest in the constitution of a Simplified Public Limited Company in El Salvador, protected by the Digital Assets Law, the amount of u$5000 for the share capital. https://www.linkedin.com/in/juanfacundo 

  • Cristhian Tejada in Mechanics and Programming. Responsible for the Management of the Technical Team.

He's the technical mind of the team, who collaborates in exchange for a participation, without charging for his work except in relation to the payment of travel expenses. https://www.linkedin.com/in/cristhian-tejada/ 

  • Francisco Montenegro in Crypto Asset Strategy. In charge of Financial Management.

He's the financial mind of the team, who collaborates in exchange for a participation, without charging for his work except in relation to the payment of travel expenses. https://www.linkedin.com/in/francisco-montenegro-409224155 

  • Hector Guillén in International Grants. External consultant specializing in obtaining non-refundable Seed Capital from Foundations and International Organizations.

He's the fundraising mind of the team, who collaborates in exchange for a participation, without charging for his work except in relation to the payment of travel expenses. https://www.linkedin.com/in/h%C3%A9ctor-guill%C3%A9n-soldevilla-255a841a3 


TOTAL BUDGET u$ 27.244 / ADA 60.000 in 8 MONTHS

(depending on the currency exchange rate)


  • AD-HOC 1: The Founding Team will not collect money from Cardano funding for their work. For now it will be ad-honorem in exchange for the following distribution of shares:
  • 15 % - Facundo Couto.
  • 5 % - Cristhian Tejada.
  • 5 % - Francisco Montenegro.
  • 5 % - Hector Guillén.
  • 10% - Cardano Foundation.
  • 60% - for future stock options + IPO

In later stages with an economically viable product, we will look at assigning salary and performance rewards to the founding members.


  • AD-HOC 2: Other expenses will be paid by team members or other funding sources such as Foundations or International Organizations interested in starting to develop the solution.


  • AD-HOC 3: From minute zero we will publish the expense invoices and results of the advertising campaigns on the X account and the project website.


  • AD-HOC 4: We will adjust expenses to the available resources, trying to optimize and save as much as possible, to continue financing the project, returning the rest of the unused economic resources to the working capital of the Company.


  • AD-HOC 5: Depending on the price of ADA against the dollar at the time the proposal is approved, the total price will have to be recalculated.



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 ENCICLOPEDIA DIGITAL del DESARROLLO INFANTIL ATME IATREA Sociedad Civil. Educación y difusión mediática para atraer la atención pública hacia los beneficios relacionados con el buen hábito respiratorio, postural, higiénico y alimenticio, mediante la organización de eventos formativos con Profesionales de la Salud ENCYCLOPEDIA of CHILD DEVELOPMENT ATME IATREA Civil Society. Education and media outreach to attract public attention to the benefits related to good respiratory, postural, hygienic and nutritional habits, through the organization of training events with Health Professionals

Fundraising ó captación de fondos es un proceso para conseguir fondos, mediante la solicitud de donaciones de particulares, empresas, fundaciones benéficas, o agencias gubernamentales. Aunque la expresión captación de fondos se refiere normalmente a los esfuerzos para reunir fondos para organizaciones sin fines de lucro, a veces también se utiliza para referirse a la identificación y solicitud de inversionistas u otras fuentes de capital por parte de empresas con fines de lucro, como hacen, por ejemplo, los bancos en sus campañas.

La captación de fondos​ es una manera significativa con la que las organizaciones sin afán de lucro pueden obtener el dinero para sus causas. Estas causas pueden implicar una muy amplia gama de temáticas, desde religiosas a grupos filantrópicos, pasando por organizaciones de investigación, entidades públicas, y ciertas campañas políticas (por ejemplo grassroots fundraising). Algunos ejemplos de organizaciones benéficas incluyen: becas de estudiantes, premiados por méritos deportivos o por logros académicos, cuestaciones de carácter humanitario, socorro en casos de desastre, defensa de los derechos humanos, becas para investigación, etc.. En los últimos años Internet se ha convertido en un canal muy efectivo para la recaudación de fondos.

DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) Organización Autónoma Decentralizada. Está dirigida a través de reglas codificadas en programas de ordenador/computador llamados contratos inteligentes. Los registros de transacción financiera de una DAO, así como dichas reglas, están gestionadas a través de un Blockchain (cadena de bloques) 

​Hay varios ejemplos de este modelo empresarial. El estatus legal de este tipo de organización empresarial no está claro todavía.

DeFi/ Decentralized Finances. Las Finanzas descentralizadas (comúnmente conocidas como DeFi) son una forma experimental de finanzas que no dependen de intermediario financieros centrales como corretajes, plataformas de intercambio (exchanges), o bancos para ofrecer instrumentos financieros tradicionales, y, en cambio utilizan contratos inteligentes (smart contracts) en cadenas de bloques (blockchains), siendo Ethereum 1 la más conocida. Las plataformas DeFi permiten a las personas prestar o tomar prestado fondos de terceros, especular con el movimiento de los precios de una gama de activos usando derivados, comerciar con criptomonedas, asegurase contra riesgos, y ganar interés en cuentas de ahorro. Algunos aplicaciones DeFi ofrecen altos índices de interés, pero están sujetas a un alto riesgo.​ En octubre de 2020, alrededor de 11 mil millones de dólares se depositaron en varios protocolos de finanzas descentralizadas, que experimentaron una subida de más de 10 veces su valor durante el transcurso del año 2020. En enero de 2021, aproximadamente 20.5 mil millones de dólares se invirtieron en DeFi

Fuente: Wikipedia.org

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